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Far into the future, or so it seemed, we felt there would be an opportunity to organize a medical mission(s) as part of Trinity’s Angels. That was not His plan! It’s happening a whole lot sooner…

One of the women we know through Peru Tres Dias is a dentist and she is part of a Christian medical group/association that does just that; organize medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise. Their mission is to go to areas in Peru and serve the people’s medical needs. So we talked – rather she talked, emailed and keep after us with questions and plans It was a great thing since it wasn’t really on our radar at that point and apparently God had to prode us just a little.

We spoke with a couple of pastors, decided on a church facility where the 9 person medical team would set up, finalized the dates – July 6th and 7th – and are now publicizing the event at El Salvador and Luz Divina. We are all so extremely excited for this project to get underway and provide people with free basic medical care. A large local pharmacy also has plans to set up a booth and be available to donate medicines the doctors deem necessary.

How exciting is all of this! We finally have a chance to yell out “stat.”  My favorite medical word……And of course Trinity’s Angels will have sandwiches and drinks on hand to feed the need! All that is left is for us to buy our scrubs…thinking an animal print might be in order.

Please keep this project in your prayers……

In His Mighty Healing Grip,