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A friend posted this on my Facebook page a few months ago and it certainly caused me to stop and think…..

“Work for a cause, NOT for applause.

Live life to express, NOT to impress.

Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.”

I want to live that way. To never doubt the reasons that propel me, propel each of us to move on with intensity and desire to do “the right thing.” To live in service. Some days you can just soar with the words written above and dance in your passion. Other days the weight of life causes you to catch your breath, stop for a moment – questioning and wondering. 

Even so you find a way to heave yourself back up by the bootstraps and move on; leaving the doubt and whatever emotion it is that knocked you to your knees behind. And instead of running from that, running from something –  you take the positive approach and you dance insatiably toward your life once again. Renewed, revitalized, re-energized – because you were on your knees. Brought there for a reason. To refocus.

Here’s to your each of your lives and an overhaul wherever needed -a Refocus.

In His Mighty Grip – dancing onward,