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Who would have ever thought that going to buy water and Coke Zero would lead to the opportunity to play with orphans every week? 

So let’s back up…Stores here for the most part specialize in selling one or two related items. There are stores that only sell bread, some sell vegetables, other dry goods. There are small “hardware” type stores and those that sell fruit. There is one particular store that we frequent (to say the least) that sells water, soft drinks, candy and cookies. We head there usually twice a week to stock up on bottled water and Coke Zero. We have gone there in years past and certainly now that we live here – it is a favorite store of ours. Last Friday, after talking to the owner a little about what we do, she invited us to her church on Sunday and at the end of the conversation – happened, almost as an afterthought, to mention that the church operates an orphanage. Obviously that caught our attention. 

Sunday we were unable to go to her church since we were delivering 200 sandwiches to 3 different churches…in the torrential rain. A story for another blog! So…Monday morning we decided to go and check out the church named “Yo Soy,” or “I AM” to hopefully find the orphanage. Who knew if it was even on-site? Our moto taxi shuttled us down the muddy red clay road and dumped us off at the end. No where left to go but through an iron gate. We walked through the gate’s side door into a large field that had 3 open air type buildings situated on the outskirts. We wondered if we were even in the right place.

Undaunted……hahahaha….we walked toward the back of the property where we heard the faint sounds of children coming from inside the house right outside the brick wall that enclosed the church facilities/buildings. That gate was open too…so we headed for it, walked through it and called out to the people inside through the screen enclosed window. 

A young woman came to the window. We explained our reason for being there and were told that the woman who runs the home would be in the following morning and to come back and she could answer our questions. 

So we did.

Tuesday morning, once again we were dropped off at the iron gate and went through the open side door. Once again with the pack of dogs at our side we walked to the house. Invited in we were greeted by the “house mother” and all the kids that live in the orphanage. We explained what are doing here, we offered our hands and feet to help wherever needed and asked if there was something we could do for them. And we waited – for about 3 seconds before she said they always need help. We decided that every Thursday would go and play with the kids for a couple of hours perhaps expanding that to an additional day per week. Offering to bring coloring books, art supplies, sports stuff – (and some snacks of course) the kids reacted with excitement, overflowing smiles and cheers!

How fun of a “job” is that? Recess…PLAY time…fun! We have a great employer and HIS benefits package is beyond anything comprehendable.

After hugs and kisses for all the kids, we left the house walking on clouds. We conquered the uneasiness of going out of our comfort zone – what we are accustomed to. No appointment, no introduction, unannounced – just with the call of our hearts.

We reached the iron gate and the door was locked. Say what? It had never been locked before. Back to the house again with the pack of dogs! One of the kids got the keys, walked back with us and unlocked the side gate door. I asked if the door was left open or was it usually locked. He said it is ALWAYS locked because sometimes people come in and take things from the church. In our hearts we knew at that moment that the door had been left open for us by the One who had guided our steps. Had it been closed – we would never have found the orphanage on Monday. Been disappointed. Had it been closed when we went back there on Tuesday we would have left empty handed because there is no way to call out to the house and have them open the door.  We are thankful that God is continuing to open doors for us – all He asks is that we are obedient and that we walk through them. 

In His Mighty Grip getting ready for our first day of “PLAY,”