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Leoncio and Flor. They are the sweetest looking and cutest couple! Most likely in their 70’s (although age is difficult to discern here) one or the other comes every Sunday to church towards the end of the kids breakfast program. They whisper quietly in someone’s ear – maybe out of humbleness or a little embarrassment we are not really sure – and ask for the leftovers; even taking the scraps that are scooped out from the bowls once the kids have eaten. Two weeks ago when they came with their plastic bags and asked if there were any leftovers they could take, it literally broke our hearts realizing what was happening. Hungeryou will eat whatever you can find. Don’t even know what that feels like and to try and imagine it is beyond imagination. There is no reference point. So – we paid attention to the Holy Spirit’s voice that was speaking loudly to us and decided to do something about it.

Acting upon the pull that God placed on our hearts we planned a surprise for them to receive some food. At least some staple items, rice, beans, noodles, oil, chicken bouillon, garlic, onions, eggs, etc..  it would be God’s gift to them. Que bendicion – What a blessing. 

With groceries in hand we set out on the short walk to their house. Flor was home, Leoncio was out selling ice cream from his little cart! Flor was speechless as we unloaded the food, including a tray of 30 eggs, on her small table. Her smile said it all. The whole visit took less than 5 minutes. We were in and out – leaving God to receive the glory. As we walked out thefront door of their one room 12 ft by 20 ft home – Flor stood still – stunned by what had just taken place ! How indescribably fun was that!!!!.

Flor and the food
As we left she thanked us. We said in our best spanish… “please don’t thank us – this is from God. All from Him.” It is an absolute pleasure telling someone that. We wanted to jump and scream for joy walking down the dirt road away from her home.Hard to contain our enthusiasm at being a part of this blessing.  It’s freeing and makes us want to do it again and again and again. 

Flor and her house

In His Mighty Grip grocery shopping for others!