10 children who have either been abandoned or are orphaned call Casa Moises home (Moses’ house). Two years ago this home was built as an outreach of “Yo Soy” evangelical church (I Am). The women that run this home provide love, attention and care for 5 boy and 5 girls ranging in ages from 1 to 15. They are a precious family.

Every Thursday we go there for 2 hours in the morning to play!  What better job is that? We work on craft projects with them, have snacks and play soccer, vollyeball or other games. Our time flies by so quickly and we are sooooo disappointed when it’s time to go. But they have a schedule to keep once we leave: showers, lunch, then school in the afternoon from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Each time we walk in their front door they all run up and hug us – big hugs with arms wide, wide, wide open. Kisses on the cheek follow and if Robert has his way you get a sloppy wet kiss on the lips!  He is just 2 years old working on about 25!

Robert closeup
So full of energy – he is often the life of the party and director of all things fun!

Jesus is 3 and is really, really creative. Speechwise he is a little slower than most. But he sure can get his point across when he wants to.

Jesus closeupMeet Lucero! What a sweet, young girl she is. We love her toothless smile! June 23rd is her 7th birthday. Can’t wait to celebrate with her.

Lucero with necklaceThen there is Tanya. Determined and driven is how we see her. She just recently turned 10. She loves working on crafts AND playing outside with us.

Esther and finished bracelet
Esther will be 12 this year. She is quiet and soft spoken.  She is a pretty young girl and loves making bracelets! We are going to set her up wth beads so she can make tons of Trinitys Angels bracelets!

Esther closeupThese are 5 of the kids that live in this home along with Yerica, age 15, Junior, age 12, Lizzy, age 7 and Santiago – the baby – he is one and one-half.

A woman the children call momi or mamita (translates to little mom) runs the house with the help of Milagros who does the cooking (pictured below).

Milagros cooking
These two women have the patience of saints and smiles of angels. The kids love them and constantly are making sure that they also receive their share of snacks and things we bring when we visit!

Last time the children asked if we could come 2 times per week and although we would love to – their schedule right now is too full. We are waiting for their load to lighten and then we will swoop in and grab another play day!

Group pic 3We love kids, snacks and activities. Can’t think of a better place to combine all three of the things that bring us pure joy than playing at Casa Moises. It’s crazy fun all morning!!!

Playing in His Mighty Grip,