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This past monday morning we made our way to the jungle farm that is owned and operated by Luz Divina Church.

It’s an interesting journey to get there. A 3-hr car ride, 5-6 people sandwiched into a small car that should hold only 4. No A/C either! Then a 4 hour boat ride on a small carved out style canoe with a peke – peke motor (the sound the motor makes) that rings in your ears long after the trip is over! In reality, we wouldn’t trade it or do it any other way (well maybe that was stretching it just a little!)

The farm is installing a sewer/water treatment system and somehow we volunteered to help. I think it was Cindy who raised her hand to volunteer and I got sucked it alongside. My guess…we will be digging a huge hole by hand. There are no big machines to do that work so…….Not really sure how we signed on for this project but we know it’s going to be interesting and an adventure no doubt.

100_1259The farm is self sustaining at the moment and their goal is to work it to the point where they can turn a profit and help support all the mission work they do here in Pucallpa. Two men are coming in from Oregon to provide the expertise. One man is knowlegeable in water systems and the other in ranching, crop and cattle rotation. So here we go – another adventure. Not sure what God has in store but we are content to know that He knows and that is all that matters at this point.

100_1323Some of you may remember our adventure there last year – a 5 hour hike in the mud that seemed to literally stretch into eternity. If you haven’t read the article or checked out the pictures, the link is attached for your enjoyment. It is not pretty!

A walk in the Mud

100_1303A year later it has become a fun memory and just recalling the story makes us laugh hysterically to the point of tears! So enjoy the read. I can only imagine the pictures we will post and the story we will tell after playing in the mud digging a hole. Stay tuned……

May everything that you endeavor today be awe-inspiring to you!

In His Mighty Grip ready for a return trip to the jungle farm,