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A week or so ago we posted about some of the kids at Casa Moises orphanage. We didn’t include all the pictures then and wanted to make sure you got to meet the other 4. Still missing one – Santiago – the one year old. Keep missing him for picture time but one day soon we will snap a picture of his sweet face.

Meet Junior! At 12 years old he is second oldest in the house and the oldest boy. What a great young man he is. He has a terrific personality and loves playing soccer with Cindy! They make quite the team.

JuniorNext up is Patrick. He just turned 10 a couple of weeks ago and is really, really a creative kid! He loves taking pictures with our camera and actually takes some great shots. It’s fun to see the world through his eyes.

PatrickLizzy is right in the middle – age wise of the all the children here. She just had her birthday last Saturday and turned 8. She is quiet and soft spoken, loves arts and crafts and playing their version of hide and go seek.

LizzyYerica is the oldest at 15 years of age. She is pure teenager and “all girl,” loving to have her picture taken but only after she puts on her best clothes and “fixes” her hair. Gotta love that.

There you have the remaining 4 amazingly polite, sweet and fun kids that call Casa Moises home.

In His Mighty Grip playing with the kids,