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S-U-C-C-E-S-S (exito in Spanish)! Saturday, July 7th, was the 1st ever Trinity’s Angels medical mission in Pucallpa, Peru. Thanks to a group of doctors who volunteered their time and talents from Lima, Peru…….

Doctors arriving 1
and with alot of help from the people of Luz Divina church to assist with the set-up, cooking meals, helping with the “traffic” flow of people and cleaning up at the end ……. the day rocked!

Nina and Angelina bringing chairs

Ninfa making lunch 1
It started out as most days – HOT, under the blazing Amazon sun.  Bright and early at 6:30 am chairs and desks were moved to give each doctor their own space, “drapes”  hung up to create mini – dental and doctor’s offices.  

Dental offices
Supplies were organized and shifted to the “offices,” while people kept streaming in – some arriving starting as early as 5:30 am and when the “doors” opened at 9 am – well – Cindy started taking names and handing out color coded stickers to try and keep lines organized and moving for the different medical specialties.

People waiting for doctors 1

Cindy with stickers
People came from out of nowhere the entire day. The line to get a number in order to see one of the doctors never seemed to end and at times the wait to see a doctor probably felt like forever,  but everyone that was checked in was seen plus a few more !!! 

Nina and cindy at registration desk

Waiting in lineWaiting to get checked in.

Waiting for Pediatrics
The end of the line for the pediatrics doctors (half of it hidden behind the white drape).  Those two particular doctors (a husband and wife team) processed a couple of hundred people themselves! 

There were doctors in general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology and dentistry. The dentist from Lima contacted the local college and they brought in a huge and we mean HUGE team of dental instructors and students – yup that is their bus… and it was full!

Bus arriving
A mini pathology “lab” was set up to read results instantly and a local pharmacy donated thousands – yes THOUSANDS of dollars of much needed medicine that was given out free to the people based on doctors prescriptions.

The dentistry section gave a mini talk about dental hygiene and passed out free toothbrushes and toothpaste – again donated by a major company. By mid afternoon many people had seen a dentist and surprisingly we didn’t hear alot of screaming from that section even though they were extracting teeth for many people (I think without Novocain or gas – ouch!)

Working on a dental patient 1One of the highlights was meeting this 80 year old woman who said she came from “far, far away” because of one of the flyers that was distributed for this event. She was hilarious!

Steph and older woman
When the last color coded sticker was handed out, the last kid’s packet with coloring book, crayons, candy, stickers and a prize was given to the last child in line and time was at an end, the realization set in that almost 450 adults and children were seen by this incredible team! STAGGERING number. And that is the biggest, most incredible blessing of all. People were helped.

End of day 1Sitting in the middle is Edith Nuñez Paiva, a dentist from Lima who organized a big part of it all. We met her through Peru Tres Dias!

Group of doctors at days end
This group of doctors doesn’t look any worse for the wear. They had smiles on their faces the entire day and always were ready to help the next person in the long lines!  Thank you doesn’t express enough gratitude we have for their time, energy and the resources it took for them to come to Pucallpa. What a blessing…….

In His Mighty Grip – STAT !

Stephanie and Cindy