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When we think about the number Zero it seems like such a small, insignificant, “nothing” size of a number. Yet…if we change our thinking even just a little and look at it from a different perspective, ZERO actually is a powerful number.

Imagine if …

Zero – were the number of people who go to bed hungry at night, or, 

Zero – were the number of people who are no longer homeless, or

Zero – was the amount of money needed to finance the rest of the water wells that need

         to be dug to provide fresh drinking water to people in need. 

Orphan girl w chocolate on her faceOr … let’s use many Zeros. I love more ! MORE Zeros……..

Imagine, if you put any number of Zeros after any other number how much power that could be as well. Increasing the number just by that little number ZERO. Use the number “ONE” for example:

I’ll give you an example  –  1 plus 0 goes as follows:

10 – the number of kids at minimum that will call Trintiy’s Angels “The Angel House”  home. They will be off the streets in a safe, secure and loving environment.  Their physical, mental, educational and emotional needs will be met and more.

100,000 (lots more Zeros!)  –  the amount of money that needs to be raised in order to buy the land, build The Angel House and have enough left over for the operating budget for a year. (We can raise more “Zeros” for additional years next year to stay ahead of the need!)

1,000,000 – the number of smiles that the children, who each of us meets, will have on their faces in their lifetime. Just because you stopped to give them a hug, play with them or acknowledge their existence. This one is easy! See … the more zeros…the easier and more powerful ZERO becomes!!!

Orphan boy and cookiesI love the number Zero – it is my new favorite number – all because my thinking changed!

In His Mighty Grip “zeroing in” on The Angel House project,