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You never quite know when you take he first step where you will end up or the roads that you will find yourself walking upon.

This past January 27th we set off on a road that was unknown. It was both a physical road and a road of faith. It has not always been a smooth road free of obstacles but it has been a one of adventure and one we continue to walk down. (Personally, I hope the road never ends)!

Along the way there were many, many bus rides to carry us along the road…

Feet on bus 2
Sometimes we got to rest along the road at the beach !!!

Our shoes close

Feet on the beach
As we walled along the beach the Lord guided our steps…

Then – On the road again…just can’t wait to get on the road again…

Feet on bus

We slept on the road as we criss-crossed through Peru…

Feet at night time shotSome days we talked face to face instead of walking side by side as the road carried us to our next destination…

4 feet acrossThen some days we felt buried under the weight of the overwhelming needs we witnessed.

Feet in the water
After 6 months of traveling the roads of Peru our current time in country was about to expire and we had to leave the country for a few days. We found ourselves driving on Easter Island, Chile in a 4×4, barreling over the rocky, dirt, potholed roads with lots of physical obstacles…

Again we found ourselves rewarded at the end of the road with a beautiful beach.

DSCN4076And … what we ultimately found on the road we set out on at the beginning of this year was the mission before us …..kids…. lots and lots of kids.!!!Lz anniv feetSome days feel like a marathon and others like a sprint, yet, overall it’s been an amazing road/journey. The best part so far … is traveling it together.

Sometimes what you find in the road may cause you to stumble or even fall. All of a sudden you notice a big boulder, or many large rocks that you can’t walk around. So you stand tall and climb over. It takes a little more time but with each step, one after the other  – you finally make it to the other side. Then there are days that you find yourself just flying down the road, racing like the wind or like an Olympic athlete!

Every one of us in on a road. Our own individual road.  What road are you on and where will you find yourself?

Whether it’s a first step or a baby step – All He asks of us is to just take the first step…

Walking in His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy

Trinity’s Angels website

Feet - one each