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The imprint of our hands doesn’t fade from the hugs we give when we reach out to someone. Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch. How cool is that! When we reach out and touch someone, we are never the same and neither are they. And likewise – when someone reaches out to you with a hug, a touch, or even a handshake, it makes an impact on you. It leaves a “print.”

Casa moises
Our hands mixed in with those of the children at Casa Moises orphanage, Pucallpa, Peru

Bracelets and thumbs up

Talking it up with a young girl in a local Peruvian village.

Hands in with bracelets
Spending some time with a mother and daughter in a small village outside of Pucallpa.

Lz anniv hands
Mixing it up with children from Luz Divina church.

Here’s to reaching out and touching someone TODAY…..leave a print!

“Hands On” within HIS MIGHTY GRIP!

Stephanie and Cindy