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This past Tuesday we went with Jorge (our main handyman) and 2 other young guys to dig, connect and install the water line bringing water to The Angel House lots. We brought the pipes and other supplies, shovel, rake and the ever popular machete with us on our motokar ride!  It’s how we roll around this joint.

Check out the store behind Cindy – our version of Home Depot or Lowe’s!

With materials in hand we were ready to tie everything onto motokar with rope tied to the sides, bottom or top – wherever you find space!  A little dangerous but again…as we said before…t’s how we roll around this joint!

What a hot and humid day it was and at the same time so exciting to be there working. Even when the sweat was dripping off of us.  Okay, truth be told the 2 young guys did most all of the digging with an axe and shovel.  But….we helped along the way.

From gluing the tubes together…

To carrying them along the trench line …….

Fortunately half of the 285 feet of line that was dug was under the shade of some huge trees. We tried to stay there as long as we could without being noticed!

The crew really worked hard – completing everything in under 5 hours, including a break for lunch.

They dug in hard dirt, under the blazing sun and it seemed like they never broke a sweat. And check out their shoes. They all worked in flip flops! That has to be a violation of OSHA guidelines.IMG_3429

One wrong swing of the axe – well all we had to fix them up IF something happened were a few bandaids…..

Oh and that little wooden building behind the guys – that’s an outhouse……again it’s how we roll out here. Hoping the “runoff” doesn’t seep into our line…….

Once the trench was dug and the tubes dropped into it, Jorge “tapped” into the water line right off of our neighbor’s!  No – no worries – we did go and pay for the service with the man that holds the water rights. Story for another day.  Everything here is … well … handled just a bit differently than we are used to. It’s all part of the adventure.

With everything in place we were ready and anxious to turn on the faucet and see if water flowed…….

Yes – the very first time the faucet was turned, fresh, cool water flowed out! There were screams of happiness and joy seeing the water come pouring out. Also because we knew that we didn’t have to trace the line for leaks, especially since Jorge told us to backfill the trenches before we even tested the line. Now that is faith (or stupidity – we choose faith!). Finally, we could move on to the more serious stuff.

Water fights! No doubt there will be many more of those to come.

Thanks to a donation we received we were able to pay for all the materials, labor, transportation to and from the site and 12 months of water service with a little leftover!

We Love you and thank you for providing this blessing. Now Let the Flood Begin.

Washing off in His Mighty Grip,