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Everyone has a place(s) where God speaks to them, or the Holy Spirit nudges and sometimes pushes them. Everyone has a place where they go to “hear.”  Don’t they?  We do and it is our rooftop patio. We have talked about it before and we wanted to show you what it actually looks like today. It looks exactly the same as it did 5 months ago when we dragged the most comfortable outdoor chairs we could find at the market up 4 flights of stairs to the top.  Nope – definitely not a stylish place but it is so comfortable and the place we go to “hear.” 

IMG_3252All the conveniences of home – well the ipads link us there. Don’t miss the elegant broken tile foot rest. That is Cindy’s space. I have the round construction tub-like thing! But it holds drinks and snacks and doubles as a foot rest. 

We read here. We talk. We pray. We listen for answers and directions, purposes and plans. And believe me HE talks to us up here. Sometimes we just go to the roof not thinking or expecting anything and HE still speaks!  No doubt that whenever we go to the roof, something is in the works. All of our projects this year started here, including The Angel House. 

It also doubles as our laundry drying area! Check out that rooftop river view!  Come on now this is prime real estate! Location, location, location.

DSCN3223We are blessed with unique and unusual sunsets and colors like we have never seen.


DSCN4839And when we look up to the heavens – well there is no better place to HEAR than here.

This is what we saw one day up on the rooftop. He is always faithful to be there!
The cross – what a great reminder.

In His Mighty Grip on the rooftop, 



An afterthought picture. We see this utility pole everyday. Looks like a cross to me which means we “see” Him everyday from the rooftop.