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It’s no surprise that while growing up one of the things every child is told not to play with are matches or fire because the consequences could be detrimental. Well we disregarded ALL of this last week when we were working The Angel House lots.

First we cleared the brush and piled it up getting ready for a bonfire!

Then it was time to bring out the matches and the lighter – it’s how we clear brush and tree branches here.

IMG_3414From lighting the kindling and dry brush above – to the “heat” in the picture below – took just a few seconds!

IMG_3495Then of course we couldn’t leave it alone. We each had to pose with the fire……you can’t take the “kid” out of us!


IMG_3493This is probably the most fun we have and the reason we love to work the land. We know that at the end of it …after the bug bites, scraps from cutting tree branches, the thorns in our fingers and the never-ending sweat, we get to burn things!

In His Mighty Grip “playing with fire” !