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From Lima to Arequipa is a long ride along the coast. We decided to take the bus so that we could see what there is to see in the southern part of Peru. Once again we booked 2 seats in the front of the bus on the 2nd level because it has huge front windows and side windows. There is a great panoramic view. Only problem is that due to the bus schedule we left at 4 pm and most of the journey was at night with nothing to see! Oh well – we had …. of course…. snacks to occupy our time and movies that were shown on the bus. A double bonus! And of course we spent 16 hours of time trying to find the most comfortable position in which to sit. Trust us there are not many! We’ve tried them all.


DSCN1264Homes on the outskirts of town are the same as in other parts of Peru. Makeshift small places that serve as shelter. Woven mats served as “walls” to block the shifting sand from burying all that lies inside. No water, no electricity. A life that is lived in an unimaginable way.

Early morning we watched the sun come up and were treated to views of the countryside around Arequipa and the huge snow covered white mountains. Exciting to arrive in a new city and have the opportunity to volunteer with kids and also explore the area. Not sure what adventures await us but have no doubt there are going to be many.

It’s dry here because of the elevation and we are completely dried out! Our skin is screaming for moisture! Imagine that just last week we were always sweating and nothing ever dried out! And our hair – well kind of scary. With no moisture it sticks straight out! Frightening. Ahh the problems…….

Stayed turned for our adventures here – we are now working at Casa Hogar Luz Alba orphanage with 19 kids of which 17 are under the age of 5!  Yup – it’s gonna be a wild, crazy month here.

Dry but not dried up In His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy