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A machete, a rake and a shovel. These things make us happy.

Especially the machete. That particular tool  makes us feel like we belong here. Like we are almost Peruvians. Everyone has one. The versatile tool that people use for everything, cutting weeds, sawing through boards, tree trimming,

hunting, cutting meat, motokar repair, building homes, you name it…the machete is your “go-to” tool.

House machetes
And we know that only here in Peru would we be allowed to use one! Probably are illegal in the U.S. Well at least in our possession anyway.

Jorge is always around when we use the tools just in case! He sharpens them for us and instructs us on the best techniques. He tries to help but we usually just head off and do it our own way! Go figure.

We don’t have a pick axe yet. It’s on the Christmas List!

Remember what I said about the machete???? That everyone has one. This next picture is the statue that welcomes you as you arrive into Pucallpa. It’s a tribute to the Peruvian country worker. And check it out – in one hand is a shovel and the other has a MACHETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holding onto our machetes in His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy