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Last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, 10 people volunteered their time to work at Fletcher’s Corny Dog stand at the State Fair of Texas and donate their hourly wages to The Angel House building fund. And this will continue with additional volunteers for the next 3 weekends. On their feet for upwards of 9 hours they served corny dogs and drinks to hungry visitors. Long days no doubt and they did it with huge smiles.

We are so appreciative of their time and support – they have no idea what it means to us as we look forward to breaking ground for the orphanage next March or April. It was fun to call them via Skype while they were working and tell them how much we treasure their support. And … we thought you would like to see a few of the pictures so you could see for yourself the fun they all had during their time spent at the fair.

The day started out with rides on Dart Rail for some of the volunteers. Made it easy to get to the fair and the station was right by the corny dog booth next to Big Tex – the statue that welcomes you to the Fair.

Christi jamie and beth on dart railChristi, Jamie and Beth heading to work on Saturday – the first day – so excited to get the party started and rock out the State Fair for The Angel House. Wonder what they looked like on the return trip after they put in their time at the Fair??!!

Becky,beth and bernice on dart rail
Sundays ride to the fair with Becky, Jamie and Bernice. Love their tshirts!  Just sayin’

The crew
Jamie, Becky,, Beth, Tina and Bernice. No doubt there was some fun and laughter going on.
Uncle jimmyUncle Jimmy. We love Uncle Jimmy. He is always there to support Trinity’s Angels and last Saturday was no exception.

Kim serving up drinksKim – well we know she probably was in the middle of some hilarious antics inside the booth.

Debbie and jimmyDebbie and Uncle Jimmy. They have signed up for many days to work. Woohoo!  They are sporting some good looking shirts (you too can have one – they are available for purchase at http://www.TrinitysAngels.com – hint, hint, hint)

Joe and bethJoe and Beth. Poor Joe…he “volunteered” to work with his wife Beth many days in October.

Julea and ashely at the boothYou know just looking at these two, Julea and Ashley, that you want a corny dog!

SarahSarah serving drinks, and beer too!  Wait – is she even old enough???!!! She assures us that she is.

Becky with a corny dogBecky – proud of her ability to serve the perfect corny dog. You go girl.

Tina 3Tina – she took to heart learning the technique and magic of “dipping the dogs.” We think she has found a new calling…..

Working the fair
Okay – but just in case the hot dog doesn’t meet the standards it is taken back to these two – Debbie and Joe and they “wash” the hot dog and start over. Who knew that there was even a position for washing hot dogs!

Volunteers in actionChristi, Beth, Debbie and Uncle Jimmy ready to serve you!

And we leave you with this parting shot…

Christi eating a corny dogAt the end of the day – it’s good to have a corny dog for the road! Way to “take a hit for the team and eat a corny dog”  – Christi enjoying the product she served all day on Saturday!

In His Mighty Grip loving some great volunteers,