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Based on yesterday’s post about the volunteers working at Fletcher’s corny dogs at the State Fair, we feel it is our duty to explain a little something.  There is an art, a technique, some magic to coating the hot dogs with corny dog batter. At least that is what we are told!

As pictures were sent to us last weekend we noticed a recurring theme with Tina. Her quest to perfect the technique became her mission. No detail too small, no hint got by her as she practiced the art of dipping corny dogs. She is intense – check the expression on her face as she listened intently to her trainers!
Tina 1

Tina 2
But it all paid off…
Tina 3
Only a master can do the “double dip!”
Tina 4
As you can tell by the look on her face –  she mastered this art. Way to go Tina!  You definitely have a job waiting for you next year as we kick off the 2nd annual fundraiser at Fletcher’s corny dog stand!

In His Mighty Grip,