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The children that will one day live at The Angel House knew:

  • That people are praying for them right NOW without actually knowing them yet?
  • That their story is being told every single day even without knowing their story.
  • That we are crying for the pain and hurt they experience?
  • That arms are waiting to wrap themselves tightly around each of them in love?
  • That eyes are waiting to see their precious faces and to be able to look at them directly face to face and say, NO more worries, we will take care of you?
  • That a team of people is working every day, EVERY DAY to find ways to raise money to build THEIR home?
  • That people are partenering with us to make this vision a reality?
  • That many people have volunteered their time to work at Fletcher’s Corny dog stand at the State Fair of Texas because they believe in a project that believes in them?
  • That people are willing to help because they believe in God who has put on all of our hearts the duty to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves?
  • That HOPE is within their reach and they WILL BE safe and fed and loved.
  • That help is right around the corner – just hold on a little longer – we almost have each of you HOME…

In His Mighty Grip working as fast as possible to get these children help and HOME.