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A few months ago we sent out a challenge that is the basis of our Make the Change campaign we are now heavily promoting. One person took that challenge and decided to help out and “make the change.” They constantly emptied out their pockets of loose coins and put it in a jar to be donated to Trinity’s Angels. Over the course of many weeks, the money was deposited and we gladly accepted it!  Right!!!

Day before yesterday we were at the land where The Angel House Peru will be built. We were clearing brush when a man approached us and started talking about electricity. An electric company association had strung power lines in the “barrio” in which we are located providing us easier access to electricity. First, let me tell you that this process is not like you are thinking. Literally these lines are lightweight electric cable strung between makeshift poles. The poles that guide the lines are built of all various lengths and from different pieces of wood. It is crazy. But it is how we roll here and it works.

Anyway – the man told us the cost to access the line and the monthly fee. Check this out…the monthly fee is for UNLIMITED usage! Gotta love that. When he left, we started talking about bringing the electric line into the property when we return here in January. Almost immediately … we thought about the donations that this particular person had been sending in all because they were willing to offload their change into their Angel House jar.

Those donations that were contributed will pay for the electric line to be brought onto the land ! Light will be brought into a “darkened” area. All because one person didn’t negatively think that their change wouldn’t matter, instead they took the challenge, unloaded their HEAVY change and donated it!

And now – you don’t even have to send it in – we will come pick it up from you the first week of December (if you live in the Dallas area!).

We wanted to tell you this story to ENCOURAGE you. You can make a change and a difference.  Your change DOES matter because it ALL adds up.

In His Mighty Grip counting on making the change,


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