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4 weekends

47 volunteers

Over 500,000 corny dogs…..

All this adds up to one SPECTACULAR fundraising event. Thanks to EVERYONE who stepped up to step out and make the first ever Trinity’s Angels fundraiser for The Angel House a huge success.

Who knew that at the beginning there would be laughter, fun, corny dog training and craziness going on???  We did!  The volunteers are a hilarious and extremely entertaining bunch of people. We loved seeing all the pictures of the corny dog activities. Now that it is “in the books” there is no more stalking Facebook from Peru to see who posted pictures! Although we weren’t there it was fun to follow along. Imagine the laughter when we saw these pics:


Christi eating a corny dog

We will have a final dollar total for you in about 2 weeks…so until then check out some of the other pictures you may not have seen on The Angel House facebook page……


Kim cleaning

Jamie becky tina and beth

Kim tina and julea at the state fairWe will miss you Big Tex……


227430_3796185865294_1606528567_nWe couldn’t post all the pictures…..we apologize but you can go to Facebook and check out all of them on The Angel House Peru page. Don’t forget to “LIKE” it so you can keep up with all the fun and craziness that goes on.

Everyone made a commitment of their time, money and energy. We honor that. The action behind the words of, “How can I help” will resound for years to come and be heard by people the volunteers will most likely never meet. Now that is selfless. That is benevolence. That is the group that represented Trinity’s Angels at Fletcher’s corny dog stand at the State Fair of Texas.  And we couldn’t be more PROUD of all of them.

Looking forward to doing it all again next year! Wait….was that too soon to mention it???!!!

In His Mighty Grip drooling for a corny dog,