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We love our “job” and more importantly we “love” our employer. He sends us on mindboggling adventures time after time. A couple of weeks ago HE gave us another assignment: Take a donation that was received and multiply it. Stretch it and bless families.

Of course we agreed and set out to negotiate our way to buying food for 7 families for a week. We weren’t sure who would be the recipients but we were 100% sure that He knew….and that was enough for us.

We changed up our tactic a little. We have found a local store that sells what we have been “negotiating for” at the local street markets for about the same price!  And the packaging (not a plastic bag tied in a knot) and quality is even better. Who knew!

Everything went into bags with room left to spare for the additional items we would pick up on the way. Excited is not the word to describe our feelings as we got into the motokar ready to embark on the adventure.

We stopped at a couple of homes where we knew the families were in desperate need of food. This woman, pictured below, has 8 children ranging from 20 down to 9 months. Unfortunately the father is not present. As we handed her the bag of food she began telling us about her current situation and tears started forming in her eyes and ours. It is sad to hear their stories but it is a beautiful thing to watch God bless her family. 

Cynthias mom

She lives in an old schoolhouse with dirt floors and rotting, broken wood for walls. But this day – she was in her castle – the recipient of a God sized blessing.

Cynthias home
The grate you see above is what they often cook on…..

Some of the families we didn’t personally know. We drove out to the Angel House site where we have seen families with nothing, literally plastic homes or homes pieced together with boards that look like they are been collected from alongside the roadways. We felt led to drive around the area and knew that families would come to mind. God would place them in the motokar’s path. And HE did. What an incredible adventure to walk up to someone’s home and say that God had placed them on our hearts and that the food had been paid for and provided by someone in the U.S. 

See for yourselves…..

Neighbor 1Houses are definitley substandard but they provide a “home” for these families. 

Neighbors home across the road
Common home near The Angel House (above) and their bathroom (below).

Neighbors bathroom
The woodlike structure in the middle of yucca plants is the outhouse/shower.

It was so fun to see the reactions. Even the motokar driver, Pablo – a man we know from Luz Divina church – got into the spirit.

Delivering foodPablo and Cindy in the MotoKar…

As we drove around looking for the last family to bless he pointed out a woman that was squatting down doing her laundry in a small wash basin on the ground. We said – “okay, but we are looking for families with children.” “She’s pregnant” he said. We hadn’t even noticed what he had seen. We didn’t get her picture but the look on her face was as if she had won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes!

As we drove back to our apartment we couldn’t stop smiling and recounting the families that had been blessed. Many, many heartfelt thanks to the one who donated the money!

In Our “Employer’s” Mighty Grip loving our “workweek,”

Stephanie and Cindy