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Just a couple of days ago Cindy asked me what I would miss most about the apartment we live in when we leave here and head back to the states. It was an odd question because really there isn’t alot to miss…

There is a mountain of dust that flies into the apartment everyday. The bugs???Beetle 1Definitely not the bugs……The noise level – nope – it is atrocious and there is no “sound” control here. It’s either the honking of the motokars all day and night, or the bass of the stereo that blares from one house or another sometimes until 3 AM. The smell of burning trash – ummmm no I won’t miss that or the other smells that you just can’t figure our that assault your senses!Burning trash 1
Hmmm. Would it be the dogs that bark all the time or tear up the trash leaving it all over the street? Or would it be all the times we head upstairs to hang laundry only to make sure we don’t leave it out too long or the clothes will catch fire from the intense sun or soak up the smell of burning piles of who knows what or be covered in dust from the road below!IMG_1924
I asked Cindy how long I had to come up with an answer!!! I just couldn’t seem to think of something positive AND … I WAS TRYING!

And then – there it was – my answer – I WILL MISS THE ROOFTOP. I have blogged about it before, written to many of you about it – the place we go to talk to and hear God. It never ceases to amaze us that this rooftop, that is really sort of ugly although it has a great view of the Ucayali River. is the place where we feel very, very connected to God. I will definitely miss the rooftop.IMG_3252And the sunsets….Amazon sunset 2

Check out that “Cross” cloud above our riverview!

So as I write this blog,  I remember back on all the times I looked heavenward and HE SPOKE…DSCN4839In His Mighty Grip blogging from the rooftop one last time  😦    before we head to Dallas,



Steph on patio