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Two weeks ago marked our “semi-goodbyes” at Casa Moises until we return next year. Who knew that when we started spending every Thursday with them 6 months ago, all the great times, the laughter, the giggles, the hugs and slobbery kisses it would make such a difference not only in their lives but really it impacted us in a HUGE way. And it all started because of Coke Zero.

In an earlier blog (The Open Door )we wrote about the lady who sells us cases of Coke Zero. We have bought cases and cases in the past 2 years and one day early this year she mentioned her church and the orphanage they support. So we checked it out and have never looked back. In fact THEY are the inspiration for THE ANGEL HOUSE PERU.

Well … how do you find the words to describe the emotion that swirled that last day at Casa Moises? It started out like every other Thursday – we grabbed our bags filled with crafts, games, snacks, candy and drinks and headed out to catch a motokar to take us to their home. When we got there, of course, we spent about 5 minutes hugging and kissing everyone. We played pin the nose on the dog, had balloon relay races, ate cookies and drank juice. We handed out a small cross necklace to each child and then we were asked to come inside the house.

They had prepared a special show for us! Some of the kids danced – several choreographed dances, and there was a crazy, funny skit – just a great spectacular show. And they were so excited. Several of them stood and spoke about what the time spent with us on Thursday mornings meant to them, and Robert – little 3 year old Robert prayed out loud for us! How do you stop the tears from flowing. You can’t. And Tia got us kleenex for our eyes! Then the Dad and Mom that are in charge of the house spoke.

They spoke about the time and fun, the love and joy and their captured hearts by Trinity’s Angels over the past 6 months; how the kid’s lives had been positively changed with the interaction every Thursday. And then it was pointless to try and control the tears. We told them what they meant to us and how much we were going to miss them for the next 2 months. That’s alot of time! And then to top it all off they presented us with a remembrance of our time at Casa Hogar Moises…

Casa Hogar picture gift
I think this was the absolute best day of our entire time spent here. Certainly the most touching.

We could only do all of this – play with these kids every Thursday  – because of our partners back that  provided the backing and prayer. We pass this along to ALL of you who are reading this. Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to be on the front lines here – we will NEVER be the same.

Deep within His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy