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The creativity of people that we are blessed to know never ceases to amaze us. Months ago we received an email from Jennifer Martin about a project that she wanted her freshman high school students to undertake.
Trinity’s Angels mission: to find out what and how much or how little people ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days.

The students mission: to analyze the nutrient content of the food and make recommendations on what is lacking in the diets.

So … we met with Peruvian families and wrote down all the food they ate and the quantity or lack thereof. We emailed mountains of data to Jennifer along with lots of pictures of the people, the area and regional food dishes. Her students analyzed the food and then reported their recommendations for improved nutrition.

We went to Coppell High School Tuesday afternoon to hear those recommendations and for

                                 THE BIG REVEAL !

The students had designed a huge poster complete with signatures from the freshmen in Jennifer’s (Ms Martin’s !!!)  6 classes.  They unrolled the poster with the amount turned away from our view and once it was completely undone, they turned it around to “drumrolls” played out on their desks. In BIG numbers right in the middle was the amount of money that all the students had raised. We were SHOCKED !!! 

These amazing young people raised $1,247 which will provide many,  many weeks of food and even some fun snacks for the families that participated in this study. A portion of the money will go toward the purchase of 50 fruit trees to planted which will provide food for local families, food programs, The Angel House and generations to come. Their actions have created ripples that will reach out, touching the lives of not only hundreds, but thousands of people who will benefit from their efforts. We can only begin to imagine the far reaching impact that this project will have on lives of those less fortunate.

The Peruvian kids will love this picture of the students signing “I love you.”

How fun to be in the middle, between the families in Pucallpa, Peru and the students in Coppell, Texas and watch the interaction. It’s like having FRONT ROW seats (and even back stage passes) to one of the greatest shows in the world. 

From the bottom of our hearts – MUCHAS GRACIAS to Jennifer Martin and ALL of the students in her 6 classes at Coppell High School. Freshman Rule !!!

Raising awareness in His Mighty Grip,

Stephanie and Cindy


They even had the pictures some of the Peruvian kids had drawn on the board along with their pictures. Nice touch!