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As I watch the trail of people walk past the land where we are spraying and burning weeds, I can’t help but be reminded of ants walking along the trail carrying their heavy loads. One following the other in a line back home. The area south of where the land at KM 13 is located has now opened and people are buying lots. Their dream of providing a home for their families is coming true.  The realization that they own this land and can’t be run off.

Person after person is carrying something. Men and boys are carrying or dragging boards they have bought or found alongside the road. Some have large tree trunks on their shoulders that they have cut down with their machetes in the neighboring wooded area. They carry twice their weight at times, bending under the load.

IMG_5071Women walk  with with bags of food on their heads and children in their arms. Even the littlest of children carry something, a bag of food, plastic or cardboard that will be used to complete their homes. Some walk like this for a mile or more.IMG_5061Slow and deliberate is their pace as they navigate the dirt trail-like roads laden with  ruts created by motokars trying to navigate the rain swollen area.  It’s a never ending process. A sea of people at times. Step by step they walk the road to the “Peruvian dream.” Home sweet home.

Living the Peruvian Dream in His Mighty Grip,