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you could make a difference?  Go on a mission trip and serve.  Serve in your hometown, in your state, country or go and impact the world.  YOU can make a difference. An impact. The phrase is all about us – that is what is wrong with it. Okay in my opinion! To some degree we do make a difference and yet… do we really? Is it by our own power that lives are changed, people saved, families helped, children protected? Is it through us, our strength, that differences and impacts are made? I think not. And I only have to come to a new way of thinking recently as I look back on the last month.

From Pucallpa to Chiclayo to Llama it’s been a busy month. I thought I was making a difference in the places I went and the projects in which I served. I learned  that it had nothing to do with me. I was just a canal. All those sentences were abut “I.” It’s wrong. It was just one person working on “obedience.” God was the difference-maker, the blessing. God allowed me the chance to funnel blessings from gracious donors and supporters to the people that HE chose to bless. I got a front row seat to the show. I got a “backstage” pass and got to see the “show” up close and personal. No better place to watch His glory unfold. No –  better – place. 

So – yes – on one hand we do make a difference only because we are ALLOWED to. We are CHOSEN. God has given each of us a vision, a purpose, made to be a canal, strengthed, molded, shaped. It is not of our own strength or ability.  It is through the gifts and talents He has chosen for each of us. Through the opportunities that unfold that we act upon out of the instinct He has given us, doors opened, doors closed, and not for our purpose but for HIS. When we understand that – then we know the meaning of being blessed. 

No better place than to be in the middle of God’s purpose.

In His Mighty Grip and right up in the middle!





My instructors – they taught me how to mix cement and pour a concrete slab – all by hand – Amazon style!