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For those of you who know me I never have just one word to say about anything! Far from it! Honestly, I can drag a conversation on forever. And then – revisit it again! Yesterday at church a woman asked me to sum up my last trip to Chiclayo and Llama in one word.

What? I said. Or rather….Que? It’s impossible. So many things were accomplished, experienced, and revealed … how can someone put ALL of that into one word? So instead I thought of this….

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words certainly I could find the one that sums up the great adventure God had for me in those places. The ONE picture that would tell the story in the eyes and on the faces of those in it. The picture that could speak the “one word” without saying it.

Ahh, the challenge. I love competition – okay I love it when I win…all the other times maybe not so much! But…I found it. Humbly, I post the picture that, to me, relives the last trip. You may not see it or “hear” the 1,000 word summation of the trip within the picture. You may not hear the One Word that wraps it all up for me. However – I see it, hear it and I thank God for the blessing.
In His Mighty Grip, speechless,


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