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There are days when I just wonder…. random things. What do other people think? What are their lives really like? Are they truly happy, or skating by to the next day or really struggling? Way down to the core – does anyone really know them? Really know them. Do the people closest to them really believe they know their struggles, trials and joys? Or do they just have a glimpse? Do people, most people,  really share all the way totheir core?  And if they did … would we be able to handle it?

That’s the challenge then – for the next month. Let’s strive to really get to know people and see who they are. To find out what their passion is, their struggles, their story, their history, their dreams. I like it, no…. I love it. I am all in for this challenge.

Like this woman I met in Trujillo…I regret not having the opportunity to spend time with her and getting to know her life. I can only imagine that there are some absolutely spectacular and breathtaking stories behind those eyes of hers and the lines that highlight the adventures of her life.

IMG_6199In His Mighty Grip looking to the core,


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