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Last week I headed back to Pucallpa to take care of some things, reconnect with friends and check on Trinity’s Angels programs that are in place.

A blast of heat and humidity hit me as I departed the LAN airplane that delivered me back home. Overwhelming and stifling really and yet in an odd way I loved it. It felt “right!”
Nothing had changed. The heat, the dust, the town – it was all the same as the day I left a month ago! Even the rooftop was the same!

Anxious, I woke up early the next morning to get ready to head out to The Angel House land. When I left last month the church was just over 50% complete and I had no idea what it looked like finished! With camera in hand and ready to snap the “first” picture I had no idea of the depth of emotion that was about to hit me.   
How do I find the words to create the picture and explain the absolute thrill that the days of
building God’s church on The Angel house has been? I simply cannot.

What words describe the feeling of raising the first wall with the pastor of this church on one side of me and members of the community on the other? There aren’t any really. Really
there are not. With a huge smile on my face, and overwhelming “alegria” … pure joy, tears rolled down my cheeks as we lifted the first wall into place. I absolutely could not and didn’t want to hold them back.
Standing with two pastors after raising the first wall of the church. 

What words describe the feeling of seeing kids run and play on the land while we build and hear them laugh, the uncontrollable laughter that comes from way down in your belly? No

I wish I could attach the 100’s of pictures that have been taken so you could get an idea of
the whole construction process and see the faces of the people who have been a part of this amazing journey.

The church – Puerta de Esperanza – Door of Hope – is completed. It graces the front corner of The Angel House land, “keeping watch” over the area and shines as a beacon of hope. Every Sunday over 50 children come here to sing, listen to stories of the bible, work on arts and crafts and eat lunch.


IMG_7724 (2)
The church core work crew – Jorge, Pastor Manuel, me and Juan

What started as a vision – plans for a small church 12’ x 9’ ended up being completed as a
relatively large church for this area – 36’ x 24’ . There is room to expand as the church as it grows. What a day that will be when we need to add-on!

We are planning a Sunday to celebrate the “opening” of the church and the impact it is and will make on the community and in the lives of the people. That is emotional. That is
overwhelming. That is a priceless blessing.

Humbled In His Mighty Grip,