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I was in Lima, Peru spending the day out and about waiting to head to a women’s retreat and I stopped to get something to eat. When I was done, which seemed like about 5 minutes later (I inhaled the food), I looked around and something caught my eye. The way people eat! Not only with their mouths but the way they interact with those who are sitting with them. 

Most couples are quiet. Those that talk seem to be the ones with kids, telling them to eat and not play with their food, to sit still, to eat with their mouths closed, I think those words get lost somewhere along the way because many of the people I watched were more than willing to show the world what they were chewing! 

The single people look down at their food and stare at it while they eat. Some talk to themselves. I wonder what they are saying. Sit still? Eat your food? Repeating the words of
their parents from long ago. One man I watched for about 10 minutes. I was absolutely enthralled with this person. It was a show really! He literally talked to himself throughout the entire meal complete with audible words and gestures. I have to say I was intrigued and inched closer to try and hear his words. It was as though there was someone else there and he was carrying on an important conversation with this person. And well, maybe there was another person there – in his mind. And then he was done, waved to the air as if to say
– Goodbye – and left.

The best ones to watch are those with headphones in their ears, listening to music while the
girlfriend or wife drones on – I mean – talks on and on. Well, a headphone in one ear and the other ear free to give the obligatory, ummm hmmm, yeah…I agree or I get it!

People. They are interesting and definitely worth watching. It’s better than tv. Well maybe not the Soprano’s……. 

People watching In His mighty Grip,