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I watched the tears roll down her cheek. One after the other to the rhythm of the
breathing she was trying to control. She was not unhappy and at the same time
she was not happy. She couldn’t describe the emotion, the reason, the longing
in her heart. She just wanted the tears to stop and to find her balance.

Tapped out, there was nothing she felt she could give without stopping to get
refilled. The load she carried on her shoulders for the work that the Lord had
put there felt heavier than normal. Just a day of rest, one day. No time…too much
to do and more coming on the load that was already there. Daily, sometimes more
than that, another request, another small project and another and another. Yet she
was thrilled to be walking the road, knowing she was walking hand in hand with
the Lord and nothing was being accomplished in her power. Nowhere close to it!
And when another child yelled out her name in the street she turned and ran to
hug the boy and lift him in the air. She did have another hug to give.

This day was extreme. One idea, one thought, one strong emotion after another
flooded her mind. A comment made, a visual example of a need to be filled, a
child with vacant eyes needing the smallest amount of attention, encouragement
and love. It was a lot to carry. It wasn’t even about the money that it would
take to provide what was needed. It was about the people. ALL about the people. She was one person in the middle of a sea of need.

In the mirror,  I watched the tears roll…wiping them from my cheeks one by one.

What a journey.

          What a life.

                    What a blessing.

With tears and smiles and joy within In His mighty Grip,