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One day in August I blew into the tiny town of Llama with a purpose- the exactness of it – not defined for me but that is okay. It’s absolutely the making of a great adventure. And that is definitely how it started off. 

The whirlwind, the craziness that arrived with me has got the town wondering just what in the world “hit them.” The sleepy pueblo got a huge blast of craziness. 

IMG_8148Donkeys are everywhere in town. A major mode of transporting supplies.

After a couple of weeks here I see changes, the progress of God refining, changing, molding the people. They are cracking, changing, breaking, one by one, little by little. Progress…God arrived in this town long before I heard of Llama. Long before He called me into “service.” He planted me here for His reasons. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere I go, every direction I turn, He is already there – preparing the way. 
Llama is located in the “Sierras,” mountains of Peru about 2-1/2 hours east of Chiclayo in the northwest. It is a long way from Pucallpa and there are virtually no similarities. Well, except for the poverty. The weather is polar opposite of one another. From the heat and humidity of the Pucallpa jungle to the freezing, biting cold of Llama nights I live in two extremes. Even the food eaten is different. Customs, dialect, method of life – you name it and there is a difference. 
An 82 year old man walking 3 hours back to mollepampa from town after buying supplies. 

All over town are adobe bricks drying in the sun.

And so it goes – when you answer “the call” you just never know where it will take you. What is in store for me, for Trinity’s Angels and for the town of Llama? It doesn’t
matter – I am all in to walk it all out!

In His Mighty Grip saying “Here I am – send me,”