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The hidden ones? Those that are  hungry? Thirsty? Hurting? Sick?

How do you find them to offer aid? I kept hearing about the elderly in need of assistance but never saw them. Yes, “they said,” many have been abandoned by their grown children. They need food, clothing, medicine, love. Sadly, I  had never really given it much thought. My focus had solely been on children. Yet, the elderly are children…Children at heart and they deserve help, attention and love.

Every time I would tell someone that Trinity’s Angels is working to build an “albuergue,” loosely translated is an orphanage, people would ask if it was for… “Children or the Elderly.” And again, sadly, I never thought much about it since my passion was children. That all changed recently.

Working with Maria, the woman in a prior blog and the cook for Compassion, we begin serving lunch this Thursday for those that are age 65 and older. Two meals a week to start with and that is only because we cook 3 other days a week for Compassion. That will change the first of the year with the  goal of serving 4-5 lunches per week. Those that are ill or home bound and cannot come to eat lunch – they are covered. We will deliver their lunch. New, totally new concept for those in Llama. 

A place has been rented. It’s just 3 doors from me. Yes you read right – 3 doors. The lunch room is in a house! No rules here! You can cook wherever – without any kind of license or inspection! The inside has been painted and the outside of the adobe house as well. Check out the vibrant colors! Peru style. 

Before …

And After…

So many people commented on the colors – they LOVE them. Good thing since I used leftover paint from a couple of months ago when Trinity’s Angels painted the church classrooms. Love that the resources got multplied!

We walked through town to let people know about the lunch room, put their names on the list and record their birthdays to verify the ages. It was 4 hours of pure fun for me.  I loved talking with them and listening to some of their experiences and receiving their advice! Their eyes sparkle as they recount their treasured lives. No doubt the lunch room will be a “happening” place!

Serving the “kids at heart” In His Mighty Grip,