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Okay so I have been learning how to cook Peruvian food from the woman who cooks for our Compassion Int’l program. Much of the cooking is done with wood called lena – which is brought in from the outlying pueblos via donkey.  Definitely a site to see the donkeys walking the streets with their cargo. 
One day the cook has something cooking in a huge pot over lena in front of her house. Not really sure what it was but thought you might like to see me stirring up some kind of
brew! It  amazes me how well they can regulate the temperature and the flame! Me – on the other hand – it’s hit or miss!


Maria sure has her hands full with me as her student and apprentice…..it’s been a lot of fun and the best part – the laughter. 

And well…the food is actually pretty good! 

Stirring it up In His Mighty Grip,