I can’t stop the pounding in my heart. The flutter that catches my breath and captures my soul.

The thrill of a new adventure. The excitement of walking out God’s plan for my life. As the combi (van) I am riding in climbs higher and higher up the mountain, anticipation swells and I just want to cry out – I am almost home. Another place I call HOME.
IMG_8495 (800x486)
Few people really know the plans God’s has placed in my heart for Llama. Not because it is a secret; only because it is hard to express it all. At times I can barely wrap my head around it.

The call.

The love for the people.

The desire to bring relief, joy and hope for their future.

The projects that HE has laid on my heart. 

The belief that I have the privilege to be the canal – the person sent here to this small town,
ed in customs of years long passed, to make changes that the Lord has ordained.
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Without a doubt I know God is “ALL” over this place. I “feel” it, “see” it and “believe” it. It
is in every detail of my day. I feel His hand guiding me, in every step. He is in every detail of every plan. Incomprehensible.

So this day starts with great anticipation, expectations and dreams for a community that I have just begun to get to know. As I return again to Llama I smile as I listen to my favorite worship music and watch the mountainside pass by, look at the small, humble adobe homes that adorn the roadside; and revel in the toothless smiles of the locals as they watch and wave. IMG_7938 (800x600)
A new day – my arms and heart of wide open to embrace every moment – every experience – every precious child – every person who calls Llama and the surrounding pueblos “Home.”
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It is a town that time has forgotten. They revel in their customs and traditions. It’s a “sweet” place to live and walk out my purpose, whether on foot, or on a donkey.

Caught up in the flutter within His Mighty Grip,