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After church, it’s time to spend with the people of Llama. It’s Soccer Time.  I think almost everyone heads out to the soccer stadium to watch football – Latin America style in the afternoon. ALL afternoon. 

The stadium as they call it is really more like the field you might find at a local school. It is
surrounded by eucalyptus trees and gorgeous mountains vistas.

IMG_8806 (800x600)
There are no stadium style seats, no sky boxes – in fact there are no seats. You pull up a piece of
grass or stand and cheer!

IMG_8810 (800x600)Teams come and go during the day – teams from around the area – some walking 2-3 hours each way to get the opportunity to play their hearts out. The intensity of the players can be felt as they yell, run, push and shove their way to victory.

IMG_8809 (800x600)The linesman – check out the picture above – I think it’s just a fan pulled from the sidelines!

Fortunately for me there are concession stands. The stands are nothing more than a stool and
makeshift table with concessioners displaying their snacks. Popcorn, fruit (yeah I know it’s odd), carmelized peanuts, a type of taffy, jello (not jello shots!) and of course beer. What is a sporting event without it? The difference here is that they buy one bottle of beer and several people share the same one. No they don’t drink out of the bottle…they have “standards!” They have a plastic cup. One. And that is how they share! Crazy. And no, thank you.

IMG_8815 (800x600)
Usually someone walks around bringing their “snacks” for sale like the woman pictured above.

It’s a lot of funcheering on the teams even though I have no idea who the people are that are
playing. The insults fly, tempers flare and yellow and red cards are handed out by the referee. It’s all part of the sport. It’s all part of Sunday afternoons in Llama.

IMG_8818 (800x404)
The “parking lot!”

In His mighty Grip cheering and being the #1 fan of the locals,