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The mixture of laughter between the 5 year old and the man who recently turned 101 is
captivating. It is a beautiful sound and makes me smile.

They sit on the park bench next to one another – I can’t hear what they are saying – I ended up in the Main Square by chance one day- or was it by chance. Watching from afar they
seemed to be lifelong friends sharing time together.

Carmen is 101 and he walks through town everyday. You can find him sitting on a park bench soaking up the sun or sitting on the sidewalk with two of his old friends just hanging
out!. He has years and years and years of stories and speaks with a spark in his eyes as he tells of a life well lived.

Angel is 5 and a fireball  of energy. He runs and plays his heart out so it is strange to me to see him sitting  here talking to this man quietly. Angel is at the start of what I pray is life well lived just as his friend has done for his 101 years. 

Regretfully I don’t have my camera with me but the image is captured in my mind. What I do have are pictures of the two. Let me introduce you to :
Carmen – age 101

IMG_6834 (2)
Angel – age 5

Smiling in His Mighty Grip,