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Really I couldn’t tell you who was more excited when the doors to the neighborhood food kitchen – “comedor” opened – me or those “young at heart” – the people ages 65 and over.

This project came together so quickly it makes my head spin. In a matter of just 2 weeks the location was found, permission received from the local governer of the district of Llama, inventory purchased, a cook signed up and the place was painted.

Pastor Julio, Eledoro (picture below) and I walked up and down the streets of Llama in search of the elders of the town. What a kick it was to get them signed up and informed about the comedor. They were all so enthusiastic, and at the same time a bit hesitant until I told them I wasn’t the main cook! Literally you could hear sighs of relief! There was even a man that walked along with us telling his friends about the “new thing” in town!

No rules here – no health inspection – so – the comedor is in the front part of a house, 3 doors down from where I live. Talk about convenient !!! Not sure the last time the house was painted but it sure needed it. So … armed with paint and brushes we finished the inside and out in a day.

IMG_8982 (800x616) The outside view. Before…

IMG_8986 (800x600)The inside view! Before

IMG_9009 (800x627)The outside view. After. Gotta love the colors!!!

IMG_9004 (600x800)

IMG_9007 (800x600)It was a community event and people stopped by to see what was going on. We were even on the radio! Yeah I know – it’s a small town and so this was big news……

This young boy always checked the progress of our work and now stops by on Thursdays and Fridays, when we are open, to see what is for lunch!

IMG_9003 (721x800)
I love hearing him call out my name at the front door – Sttttteeeeepppphaaaniieeeeeee…what are you cooking today?

What an adventure this has been and will continue to be.

Serving the kids – the “Young at Heart” In His Mighty Grip,