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With everything in place we were ready to open the food kitchen – or “comedor” as it is called in Spanish. Opening day was not without a small mishap! I had already cut my finger pretty badly a few days earlier while cooking for the compassion program for kids at the church. Maria, the cook, also had a “run-in” with a knife prior to opening day. This first day Julio cut his finger while trying to cut some packing tape off a few chairs.

IMG_9027 (800x662)I think he just wanted to feel part of the “club.”

Every day we serve meals an opening prayer is spoken and thanks given for the food. Everyone seems to be happy with the meals and program thus far. I have yet to hear a negative comment – then again Spanish isn’t my native language so perhaps I am missing something!!!! Smiles are what I see when the food is served and “gracias” is what I hear from the people. As they leave – hugs are given freely. 

IMG_9032 (800x765)A happy customer !!!

IMG_9036 (800x631)Hanging with the “peeps!”

IMG_9042 (2) (800x600)

The place gets packed and it’s almost standing room only when we are open!

We even deliver! For those that are unable to walk to the location or are feeling under the weather, food is delivered in a motorcar. Gotta love this delivery system.

IMG_9039 (800x600)All in all opening day was a huge success. To God be the glory.

Serving it up In His Mighty Grip,