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I never want to be so blind to life that I fail to see… 

What is around me.

Common houses 3Who is beside me.
House and homeowner and steph

The vision that God has revealed for me.
Hanging with the guys (800x600)

IMG_6903 (2) (646x800)
The miracles that God has performed.
CAM00592 (2) (800x700)
I never want to be so blind that I fail to see…

A warm smile coming in my direction.
IMG_6773 (800x598)
A person in need, of
a hug, a smile, a kind word.

IMG_7967 (800x600)
A person in need of a meal.
IMG_8017 (800x600)
I never want to fail to see…anything.

IMG_6910 (600x800)

Refusing to “FAIL” In His Mighty Grip,




IMG_7205 (800x600).