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Every town in Peru has great things that make it unique and special. Sitting up in the rooftop this past week in Pucallpa it struck me that even though it is hot and humid and sticky ……..  when I am there it is home.  And that is absolutely fine with me!

Here are my top 10 reasons for loving Pucallpa.

1. The children I serve in the churches.

Steph and kids (800x600)2. Tacacho, juanes, yucca,  and platanos – local food!
3. Watching people at the docks. 
Dock main (600x800)4. The motokars as a means of transportation.
5. The constant dust…its like getting a facial everyday!
6. Not having to worry about hair or make-up…its too hot to deal with any of it!
7. My Christian Family here.
8. The Angel House Land !
9. Sunrises, sunsets and Amazon rainstorms.
IMG_7205 (800x600)
10. The rooftop where God ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS talks to me and hugs me.
IMG_5048 (800x600)
In His Mighty Grip In Love with Pucallpa,