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In the previous post I talked about the reasons I love Pucallpa! Well…when I am in Llama soaking up the beautiful mountains views, clean, fresh air and taking a step back in time and giving a “shout out” to the people on the street,  I absolutely am in love with this place. And when I am here…it is Home!  

Why do I LOVE Llama?

1. The children of the town and the smiles and hugs they handout!

IMG_8617 (800x707)
2. The fun, joy and laughter of cooking with Maria for Compassion Intl and the Comedor.

IMG_6750 (800x600)3. The incredible mountain views and cool climate.
4. Empanadas……local comfort food.
5. The adventure and challenge of each hike to the pueblos.
6. Cooking for and serving the “young at heart” at the Senior’s food kitchen.

IMG_9036 (800x631)7. Walking among burros in the town streets.

IMG_8065 (800x600)

8. Traditions of times past and the  less hectic pace of life.
9. People greeting you in the street.
10. The “stretching” that God is doing in me in this place.

And those are the reasons I call Llama “Home.”

In His Mighty Grip Loving Llama,