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It continually amazes me that when you change your thinking, shift it just a little and look at things in a new way, what is revealed.

Today toward the end of serving meals in the senior food kitchen, a woman was sitting at one of the tables eating by herself. Most everyone else had already come and gone. Maria, the cook, was standing close to her and telling me that this woman, Antonia, was alone. Not just sitting there alone but A.L.O.N.E. She has no husband, parents or children. In essence, she is abandoned. At least that is what she is considered to be by people here. And in that moment the word took on a whole new meaning for me.

“Abandoned” in the Trinity’s Angels world always was a reference to children. Never had I thought about it as it pertains to seniors. My heart hurt for her. It stung. Sitting down beside her I told her, “YOU are NOT alone – at least you have us.” And her tears came. It had struck something deep inside her small, aging body. Trying to be brave and hold back the tears was of no use. They came in a current, running down her cheek. The hug that followed lasted no more than a few seconds but it felt like a lifetime and  maybe, just maybe it was.

Again, my eyes and heart were opened to those around me. I looked around the room at the people still eating and wondered who else was alone, abandoned and without a hug?

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IMG_9043 (773x800)So, after a few more seconds of hugging Antonia, I got up and handed out hugs to everyone in the place. I don’t know about each of them, but I sure felt better!
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IMG_9213 (800x498)And now…I understand and “feel” the word “abandoned” in a whole new light…..

In His Mighty Grip hugging ALL of His children,