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Love, love, love the phrase “paying it forward.” Even more, I love to watch the phrase played put in action. Action…so much louder than words.

The other day at the local corner grocery store, a woman was adding up her purchases and came up short in the amount of money she had available to pay for the small bag of items.

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She was deciding what she had to put back yet  I sensed she needed it all. The basics for her and her husband…oil, potatoes, rice, vegetables, a tiny piece of chicken, and matches to light the leña, firewood, used to cook food. While she was contemplating what she had to do without, I placed the money on the counter and told the store owner to take it as payment for her.
She didn’t understand at first as the man told her the bill had been paid. “But I haven’t paid yet. I still have the money in my hand,” she said. Or at least that is what I thought I understood as she spoke spanish!

“It’s been covered,” he said. Your bill has been canceled. There is nothing quite as sweet as seeing the smile on the face of someone who has just been unexpectedly blessed! Incredible.

As the store owner told the woman her debt had been paid I thought about my life. The bill…the debt has been paid. Christ “paid it forward” for me, for all of us. He completed the ultimate action of “Paying it Forward.”

IMG_8120 (800x600)Getting the honor of blessing others because of Him in His Mighty Grip,