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When I was little I always looked up to my maternal grandmother. She was perfect in my eyes. Okay well maybe not when I acted up and got in a little bit of trouble. Then she was unfair! Same as all those times when she washed my hair in the garage sink and scrubbed until my scalp fell off. What I wouldn’t give for just one more hair washing from her right now…

I remember one time we talked about people that you looked up to. People that you wanted to be like. People that you imitated. I looked up to her and wanted to be like her. People loved her, trusted her, talked to her about all kinds of things, visited her and sought her out. One day I remember she said … “Be careful who you want to be like because you never know what their life is really like. ” You don’t know the hurts, pains and difficulties they are walking through. Trying to be like someone else is saying that what you have been given, your personality, your characteristics, who YOU are is not good enough. A mistake. Made incorrectly. But God doesn’t make mistakes. Her words stuck.

Today her words came to mind again but in a different form. Who do I want to be like? Me. Who is the One I look up to? God, literally and figuratively. I love that she sowed seeds into me all those years ago. Little did she know that they would finally grow decades later! As the food kitchen for the elderly in Llama has now been open a couple of months, I seem to continually think about her. What I would give for a chance to talk to her about it. Just one more phone call…….

In His Mighty Grip harvesting seeds planted decades ago,