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Or so it seemed. There is a cross that sits atop a huge mountain in Llama. From the first day there I have wanted to climb up there to see the view that is offered from this perch.

IMG_1129 (800x533)Finally, a few months after arriving in town, I got the chance. What started as a church youth group adventure ended up as a hike with just two people, Pastor Julio and I. The kids bailed! Now I understand why. The altitude combined with the trail – tough, difficult, challenging.

Plans had already been made along with peanut butter sandwiches so there was no backing out. It was a challenge for both of us and neither wanted to back out andgive up or give in! Let the “competition” of the hike begin and we headed out at 6 am without the teens.

Amazing views opened up around every turn in the dirt trail all along the way as we inched up to the top with me stopping to gasp for air every few minutes at the high altitude! As we climbed higher and higher the reward was incredible.

IMG_9134 (800x600)The majesty of the mountains, the freshness of the air, the beauty was indescribable. Even the condors were on display!

IMG_9077 (800x514)The final ascent was slippery and narrow but well worth the journey.

IMG_9170 (698x800)Looking out from “under the shadow” of the cross provided incredible views of the surrounding pueblos and mountains.

IMG_9080 (600x800)We prayed at the foot of the cross and I can tell you the peace I felt there was something I have never experienced before. Absolutely hated leaving the tranquility of the mountaintop.

IMG_9128 (800x663)But there is always next year to and a return trip up the mountain to experience it all over again.

IMG_9052 (800x496)Walking to Heaven within His Mighty Grip,