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No … it is not a reference to a western movie. Trinity’s Angels has given this nickname to an elderly woman in Llama. She has no family and for all intents and purposes has been abandoned, left to fend for herself. We have adopted her into the monthly program providing basic food supplies. Finally, she has decided to come to the food kitchen every week because she is no longer ashamed that people will see her there eating lunch two times each week.

IMG_1276 (800x533)
Most evenings you will find her sitting on one of the street corners near the main plaza, passing time. It seems as though she is “guarding” the city. In Spanish’ “vigilante” refers to a person who is a “watchman.” Thus the name for her – vigilante.

When I see her and yell out “hola vigilante” I am greeted with a huge, precious smile. In the past month she has opened up more and more, her smile is bigger and she hugs a little longer. Progress!

In His Mighty Grip with the Vigilante watching over the city,