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How could something so special come from something so dirty? My view of dust has changed dramatically while living in Pucallpa.  Okay sure in my lifetime I have inhaled or “eaten” dust penty of times before in a windstorm or from the back draft of a passing 18 wheeler.  But never to the extent I have walked in it, been covered by it, slept in it or inhaled it here, in Pucallpa.

From motokar rides, walking the numerous dirt roads to sitting on the ground and seeing it “settle down” through an Amazon downpour, from inhaling it through the screens of my apartment windows and trying to dust off my sheets before I go to sleep, my lungs are soaked in it and I am continually covered by it.

And to think God created man from dust. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust comes to mind. Just a thought.

Covered in dust…in His Mighty Grip,


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