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What is it like to have a bus full of people watch you as you stop to kiss your little child, and give money to the woman with her? Is the woman his wife? Is he divorced and giving her money to support his daughter?

And for a moment I feel like I am not suppose to be watching. Well really I am not. Really it should be a private moment but when the whole bus stops for him to spend 2 minutes with these two people who in some manner or another are a part of his life it becomes public!

It touches me…the man hands the little girl a bag of tangerines. She smiles brightly. He bends down to kiss her forehead and giver her a hug. He counts out money for the woman and hands it to her. Not many words are said. None can be heard if they are spoken.

Once again, he bends to hand the little girl some candy, kisses her cheek this time and then kisses the woman’s cheek. He walks up the steps to the bus. We move forward and off we go.

It is a piece of their life that I watch. Someone else’s life. I want to capture the moment with a picture but that too seems even more intrusive. So instead I watch.

Drawn into the scene…there are many moments like this here that I see. Each one touches me. Each one leaves an impression. Moments shared in someone’s life.

Spending special moments within His Mighty Grip,